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    Nelwa’s Gelato is inspired by the abundance of fruits and spices in Tanzania. We produce unique flavours such as lavender, baobab and cinnamon. Our products have a lower % of fat than industrial ice cream, the main flavor ingredient shines through (4 to 8% compared to industrial ice cream’s 10 to 20%). We satisfy a growing need for flavourful, Afro-centric, locally sourced, healthy, and delicious gelato that is unlike anything in the market. We are both a B2B and a B2C business, serving whole sale : 5 kg tubs incorporated in hotels and restaurants menu’s and retail : 1kg, 250 grams and popsicle through our outlet.

    We have won several entrepreneurship awards; the Tony Elumelu Tanzanian awardee in 2015, the Total Tanzania start-up of the year 2016, the top 50 brands in Tanzania by Tanzania Private Sector foundation and Tanzania Bureau of Standards 2016. We also won the Tanzania Leadership award, entrepreneur of the year 2016 AND the Young Innovator in Agriculture award in 2016 by Iren.


Tanzanian Ingredients


We have a product range of up-to 30 flavors of ice cream such as Vanilla, Cookies n cream, Chocolate, Strawberry, mocha, Khalua, pistachio, peanut butter, coconut, lemon grass, mango, passion, pineapple mint and other local flavors like Ukwaju, ubuyu, fenesi, nazi, iliki, mdalasini, tikiti maji, bungo, mchaichai, pilipili manga and kulfi - to name a few.

Ice Cream Classes

Ice cream class 101 started in November 2016, with 10 students and has grown to become the leading ice cream making class initiative in the country. So far we have had five sessions over all 50 students 47 women and 3 men. Through this initiative we have provided sufficient knowledge for the participants to start their own ice cream making businesses. The class includes marketing, branding, pricing and production.

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